About the BPC  


We are an inter-departmental partnership comprising members from the National Museum and the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, South Africa. Through this platform, we have consolidated the variety of skills and resources available locally to create a niche for palaeosystems research and opportunities for palaeoscience education in the central interior of the country.

Our partnership incorporates expertise in core palaeontological disciplines (biostratigraphy, morphology, and archaeology) and scarce skills (osteohistology, palynology, phytolith systematics, and stable isotope ecology). Our research focus is on the dynamics, origins and evolution of both Permian/Triassic and Quaternary terrestrial palaeosystems represented in the South African fossil record. Education and outreach programmes aim to inform and engage with learners and the public about all activities within the BPC, as well as about general trends in palaeontology and evolution.

Co-operation within the bpc ensures that skills, facilities and resources are shared across departments, and are thus readily available to all members and associates, promoting the advancement of high quality research through multidisciplinary approaches and practices. This also ensures that postgraduate students, post-doctoral fellows, associates, learners, and other visitors to our centre have access to a wide range of resources, and the opportunity to engage with (and learn from) members across an array of sub-disciplines.