James S. Brink

Florisbad Quaternary Research Department
National Museum
PO Box 266
(w): +27 (0) 51 447 9609



Research Themes


Research Interests

  • The evolution of modern large mammal faunas and landscapes in southern Africa
  • The evolution of biogeographic distinction in the mammalian faunas of southern and East Africa
  • End-Pleistocene extinction in southern Africa


Lunga Bam (Necsa), Marck Batreman (Sheefield), Franceso Berna (Vancouver), Britt Bousman (Texas State), Michael Chazan (Toronto), Daryl Codron (National Museum), Frikkie de Beer (Necsa), Dominique Gommery, John Gowlett (Liverpool), Rainer Grun (Canberra), John Hancox (Wits), Andy Herries (La Trobe), Jacobus Hoffman (Necsa), Liora Horwitz (Jerusalem), Colin Menter (Johannesburg), Jacopo Moggi-Cecchi (Florence), Stephany Potze (Ditsong Museum), Lloyd Rossouw (National Museum), Louis Scott (Free State), Michael Toffolo (NAtional Museum), Gary Trower (Wits)

Selected Publications

  • Brink, J.S., A.I.R. Herries, J. Moggi-Cecchi, J.A.J. Gowlett, C.B. Bousman, J.P. Hancox, R. Grün, V. Eisenmann, J.W. Adams, & L. Rossouw. 2012. First hominine remains from a ~1.0 million year old bone bed at Cornelia-Uitzhoek, Free State Province, South Africa. Journal of Human Evolution. 63: 527-535. 
  • Chazan, M., D.M. Avery, M. Bamford, F. Berna, J.S. Brink, S. Holt, Y. Fernandez-Jalvo, P. Goldberg, A. Matmon, N. Porat, H. Ron, L. Rossouw, L. Scott, and L. Kolska Horwitz. 2012. The Oldowan horizon in Wonderwerk Cave (South Africa): archaeological, geological, paleontological and paleoclimatic evidence. Journal of Human Evolution. 63: 859-866.
  • Codron, D., J.S. Brink, L. Rossouw and M. Clauss. 2008. The evolution of ecological specialization in southern African ungulates: competition- or physical environmental turnover? Oikos 117: 344-353.
  • Codron, D. & J.S. Brink. 2007. Trophic ecology of two savanna grazers, blue wildebeest Connochaetes taurinus and black wildebeest Connochaetes gnou. European Journal of Wildlife Research 53: 90-99.
  • J.F. Thackeray & J. S. Brink. 2004. Damaliscus niro horns from Wonderwerk Cave and other Pleistocene sites: Morphological and chronological considerations. Palaeontologia Africana 40: 89-93.
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